April Got Away From Us

Renny in Rocker - Ilia 031217
Pardon the mess, Renny is not a very good house keeper.

The Bookats reminded me this morning that almost the entire month of April got away from us! Oh, my! We can’t let that happen! We’ve been busy working through several manuscript submissions from new authors. Well, new to us. We have just not been paying that much attention to the blog. For that, we sincerely apologize. ┬áThis is where so many of you come to find out what is going here at Saturn Returns Publishing.


Philipp J. Kessler, author of the Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings series has been working HARD! April 1st saw the release of the novella that launched the series, Backfire. He did not rest on his laurels. May 1st saw the release of his first full length novel, Waterfall! He’s well on his way to writing book three, Landslide.

He’s also been working on his chapter-a-month sci-fi novel, R.S. Pinnacle: Asteroid, available through his Patreon page. Chapter of that project should be coming out in day now.

The Pagan Fiction anthology, Modern Mythology, is moving. Slowly, but it is moving. If you are interested in sending a submission in for the anthology, please check this post for details.

Keep checking back for further updates on projects from SRP and the authors connected to us!

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