Modern Mythology: New Stories of the Gods, open call for submissions – revisted

This is a revised and updated re-posting of our call for submissions for the Modern Mythology: New Stories of the Gods anthology.

quill and blank parchmentCall for Submissions

Saturn Return Publishing

Saturn Returns Publishing is seeking submissions for an anthology of Pagan fiction.

Modern Mythology: New Stories Of the Gods is a collection of shorts telling the stories of the Gods and Goddesses from new and unique perspectives. Olympus in Space? Asgard in Manhattan? Abydos the seat of computer commerce? Taking the myths and figures of mythologies from around the world, Pagan authors take a twist and tell these stories in an entirely different light.

For the purposes of this anthology the term “Pagan” is broadly defined as any spiritual or religious path that embraces Earth, poly-, pan-, and non-traditional monotheistic paths; nontheistic paths may also fall into this definition. Pagan themes or characters are central to this anthology. The scope is not limited to any one genre, time frame, or world. Please see below for more details on genres.

Accepted submissions will be edited for grammar, spelling, and continuity. Submissions included in the anthology will remain the property of the original author with the requirement of waiting one calendar year from date of the anthology’s publication before they may be released in any other format. The first run of the anthology will be in eformat on Amazon Kindle and paperback version will be available at the same time through Amazon. Future runs will be available in both formats through other online vendors. Authors included in the anthology will be compensated with one free copy of the anthology and reduced purchase rate for additional copies.

What we are looking for in this anthology: Fantasy. Urban Fantasy. Paranormal. Sci-Fi. Historical Fiction. Religious Fiction. Dark Fantasy. Dark Fiction. Young Adult. Horror. Romance. Paranormal Romance.

What we are not looking for in this anthology: Children’s stories. Erotica. Poetry. The publisher is not looking for graphic depictions of sex or unnecessary violence. SRP does publish these genres, but is not looking for submissions of those flavors for this anthology. Please contact SRP with submissions for these genres separate from this anthology.

Minimum word count: 1500

Maximum word count: 7500 (longer submissions will be considered on a case by case basis)

Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2017. Please send submissions to attention “Pagan Fiction Anthology”. Planned release date is December 1, 2017. Visit Saturn Returns Publishing for more information about the publisher.

Authors Sarah Buhrman and Philipp J. Kessler have signed on to edit this collection.

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