BIG RELEASE! Landslide & Solar Eclipse

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It is this weekend! The big release of Landslide: Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings Vol. 3. Philipp J. Kessler has out done himself with this novel. Clocking in at 488 pages, Landslide is the longest novel in the series. Lots of excitement, action, and information thrown at the readers. Yes, information.

As Kessler has established with his first two books in the series (Backfire and Waterfall), Landslide shares information on magick, the gods of ancient cultures, and much more. Along with the action and interpersonal development of the characters, you will learn a little bit about the Inca culture, some of their gods, and the magick of then and now.

You can hop on over to the Facebook event page for tons more information and some fun and excitement from a variety of authors, editors, bloggers, publishers, and more. Kessler is joined by dozens of others to celebrate the launch of this novel and the total eclipse of the sun. From today through Monday the 21st, you can participate in games, giveaways, and more.

You can go direct to Amazon and Kindle to pre-order your copy of Landslide, delivered to your Kindle enabled device on the 21st. Paperbacks will be available around the first of September. We will let you know when those go live and where you can find them.

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Landslide, New Moon, & Solar Eclipse

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Hello, hello, hello! It has been a little too long since our last update or even a post here on the site for Saturn Returns Publishing. For that, the Bookats and I apologize. We’ve been plugging away on several projects of late. Including the final edits for Philipp J. Kessler’s third book in the Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings series. Landslide is due out in Kindle format on August 21st.

We were not intending for Landslide to come out on such an auspicious day. August 21st is not only the August new moon, it is the solar eclipse! SRP and Mr. Kessler are located on the path of totality for that celestial event. What a way to launch his longest novel to date! Continue reading