Early April Update

time management quoteAs 2017 progresses into the 4th month, we at Saturn Returns Publishing are working towards further expansion of our offerings to readers and authors alike. Working towards that kind of expansion is a real juggling act. As the picture to the left implies, time management is of the utmost importance, but is a misnomer. Prioritizing projects and commitments is more important. Our authors and their projects come first on our list of priorities. We must balance them with growing and expanding our catalog.

Saturday the 1st saw a successful release of Philipp J. Kessler’s novella Backfire, the first in his series for Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings. Waterfall, the second in that series, is due out May 1st and is already well under progress. Philipp is offering special sneak peeks through his Patreon page for both the Dark of the Moon and his sci-fi project, R.S. Pinnacle: Asteroid.

Author Sarah Buhrman has agreed to co-edit our upcoming Pagan fiction anthology. Sarah is the author of the Runespell series, the first book is titled Too Wyrd, and several other unrelated titles. She is a talented author, poet, and busy mother of two.

We are in final negotiations with an established author, speaker, and presenter on feminine spirituality to publish her latest anthology. We’re keeping the name under wraps for now while we finalize the project. We’re very excited about this project and are looking forward to sharing it with you all.

The Bookats wanted us to remind you that we are open to submissions from new, indie, small, and established authors of almost every genre. They are always pleased to have more manuscripts to curl up on, though they do get a bet titchy when we’re reading those manuscripts. They think they need attention on their terms.

Submissions and inquiries to be emailed to SRP at saturnreturnspub@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook for more frequent postings of information, links to products, services, and projects, as well as fun and informative memes and articles.

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