Landslide, New Moon, & Solar Eclipse

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Hello, hello, hello! It has been a little too long since our last update or even a post here on the site for Saturn Returns Publishing. For that, the Bookats and I apologize. We’ve been plugging away on several projects of late. Including the final edits for Philipp J. Kessler’s third book in the Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings series. Landslide is due out in Kindle format on August 21st.

We were not intending for Landslide to come out on such an auspicious day. August 21st is not only the August new moon, it is the solar eclipse! SRP and Mr. Kessler are located on the path of totality for that celestial event. What a way to launch his longest novel to date!

Landslide - pos cover 3Landslide continues the adventures of Sandra Blackwell and her friend Elaine Franks. Introducing almost a dozen new characters, this third installment in the series was a long time in the making. Certainly longer than Mr. Kessler was planning when he set out on this writing adventure cum career.

Picking it up shortly after the conclusion of Waterfall, Sandra finds herself working closely with a group of grad students who have just returned from an archaeological dig in Peru. They seem to have brought back something extra from the base of Machu Picchu. Something that Old Man Downing wants to take control of.

With the help of the students, their professor, and a few divine entities, Sandra confronts the powers of the Downing family on both the physical and magickal plains. Will she be able to save the students and their professor from bumbling into a trap? Or will Old Man Downing take control of the object of his desires and lay waste to their lives and their careers. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Don’t worry. Elaine has plenty to do with this story, just not as active a role in the magickal realms of the story. For good reason. Readers of the series will know that she is pregnant and getting closer to her due date. There is plenty of drama with her and the upcoming blessing of motherhood – but to tell you more would be a spoiler!


SRP has been focused on two other major projects the last month or so, both of them are going to be taking up even more time as August progresses into September.

Coming soon from Saturn Returns Publishing

Top of that short list is the upcoming release from Rev. Dr. Karen Tate. Awaken the Feminine: Dismantling Domination to Restore Balance on Mother Earth is a collection of articles and essays from around the globe. All dealing with the topic of feminine balance against the overwhelming domination of the patriarchy in Western society. Current schedule for the release of this volume is end of September.

Ms. Tate and her contributors have been greatly patient with this adventure of their own. After hitting snags with an earlier publisher, the project was left fallow for only a short period of time before SRP picked it up. The staff of SRP have read several other curated anthologies from Ms. Tate and are thrilled to be working on this project with her and her team of contributors. More will be shared about this project in a future posting.

The other project on the docket is the modern mythology collection that SRP has been collecting for the past several months. The official deadline for contributions was August 1. We are only waiting on two pieces to arrive in our email – earlier agreed upon for late delivery. After all the contributions have arrived (hopefully by the 15th), Philipp J. Kessler and Sarah Buhrman will begin the process of reading through the submissions and choosing which stories make the cut.

For those who have been waiting to hear back, even if your story does not make the cut for this anthology, they may still be considered for other projects. We are thinking that one or two of the submissions that Mr. Kessler and Ms. Burhman have already looked at might be tapped to become longer projects. So many wonderful stories have been sent in for consideration on this project!

SRP is also working with a Council Bluffs, Iowa based artist for the cover art for this anthology. Timeline for both the cover art and the final disposition of the anthology is for the cover to be revealed end of October and the anthology released in time for the winter holidays.

That’s just a little of what has been going on recently for us here at Saturn Returns Publishing. Check back next week for more details on the release of Landslide and updates on Awaken the Feminine!


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