Modern Mythology: New Stories of the Gods, open call for submissions – revisted

This is a revised and updated re-posting of our call for submissions for the Modern Mythology: New Stories of the Gods anthology.

quill and blank parchmentCall for Submissions

Saturn Return Publishing

Saturn Returns Publishing is seeking submissions for an anthology of Pagan fiction.

Modern Mythology: New Stories Of the Gods is a collection of shorts telling the stories of the Gods and Goddesses from new and unique perspectives. Olympus in Space? Asgard in Manhattan? Abydos the seat of computer commerce? Taking the myths and figures of mythologies from around the world, Pagan authors take a twist and tell these stories in an entirely different light. Continue reading

Update from the Bookats – March 2017

20160521_102907Mistress Freya Growly Cat has been in a mood the last week and a half. She seems to think that we should be moving along faster. She’s not a very patient kitty. She needs to take a lesson from Misty Avalon, the laid back fat cat who only gets uppity if the food and water bowls are “empty”. Remember, a food bowl is empty when the cat can see the bottom of the bowl, even if there are mountains of food along the rim. Little Renny isn’t quite so little anymore, but he’s still the baby in the Library. He keeps trying to get in the way when SRP authors Philipp J. Kessler and Josef Kastle are trying to write. Maybe Freya should be looking to him when she gets impatient with things.

But things are moving along nicely. Philipp is just about on schedule with volume 1 of Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings. What started out as an allegorical short is turning into a short story-long form. Meaning that is has exceeded 35 pages and just keeps getting longer, and better. RevKess is looking at The Written Activist and deciding on a final order for the articles and essays, as well as picking out those that might not be applicable to current situations in the Pagan and political worlds. Josef is taking a backseat for now, working on ┬áin his off time – things are really heating up there.

That brings us to the Pagan fiction anthology Modern Mythology. Submissions are trickling in at a steady pace and Sarah Buhrman has agreed to co-edit the anthology with Philipp. Things are getting exciting in the little corner of the world that SRP occupies. Keep checking back here and on Facebook for further updates.