Call for Submissions: Pagan Fiction Anthology

Image result for writing quillPagan Fiction Anthology: Modern Mythology, new stories of the Gods (updated 3/25/17)

Call for Submissions

Saturn Return Publishing

Saturn Returns Publishing is seeking submissions for an anthology of Pagan fiction.

Modern Mythology: New Stories Of the Gods is a collection of shorts telling the stories of the Gods and Goddesses from new and unique perspectives. Olympus in Space? Asgard in Manhattan? Abydos the seat of computer commerce? Taking the myths and figures of mythologies from around the world, Pagan authors take a twist and tell these stories in an entirely different light.

For the purposes of this anthology the term “Pagan” is broadly defined as any spiritual or religious path that embraces Earth, poly-, pan-, and non-traditional monotheistic paths, nontheistic paths may also fall into this definition. Pagan themes or characters are central to this anthology. The scope is not limited to any one genre, time frame, or world. Please see below for more details on genres.

Accepted submissions will be edited for grammar, spelling, and continuity. Submissions included in the anthology will remain the property of the original author with the requirement of waiting one calendar year from date of the anthology’s publication before they may be released in any other format. The first run of the anthology will be in eformat on Amazon Kindle and paperback version will be available at the same time through Amazon. Future runs will be available in both formats through other online vendors. Authors included in the anthology will be compensated with one free copy of the anthology and reduced purchase rate for additional copies.

What we are looking for in this anthology: Fantasy. Urban Fantasy. Paranormal. Sci-Fi. Historical Fiction. Religious Fiction. Dark Fantasy. Dark Fiction. Young Adult. Horror. Romance. Paranormal Romance.

What we are not looking for in this anthology: Children’s stories. Erotica. Poetry. The publisher is not looking for graphic depictions of sex or unnecessary violence. SRP does publish these genres, but is not looking for submissions of those flavors for this anthology. Please contact SRP with submissions for these genres separate from this anthology.

Minimum word count: 1500

Maximum word count 5000 (longer submissions will be considered on a case by case basis)

Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2017. Please send submissions to attention “Pagan Fiction Anthology”. Planned release date is December 1, 2017. Visit Saturn Returns Publishing for more information about the publisher.


Creating and living

The owner has found himself without his bills-paying-job due to a simple mistake and a strict company policy. For the last week he has been floating in a state of limbo. But through the help of many friends and associates he has become even more motivated to make things happen with SRP.

One associate sent him to a website where he can make graphics. He’s become rather obsessed with making ad graphics for various projects. This morning he made a new on for SRP. The Bookats approve, but he wants to know what you think.Saturn Returns Publishing (1)

The owner didn’t have this ready before he did an author takeover last night on Facebook. He did have several other graphics ready to go, including a short video that still needs some work. The video and some of the graphics were well accepted.

He was of course talking about more than SRP in his one hour of the takeover. Check out the video and read what the owner and other authors, editors, etc said during their segments of this fun takeover.

The owner is happy to say that not only did he have a fun time with the takeover, he also has some nibbles for new authors coming to SRP.

Updates from the Library

Our original plan to use a strictly online bank did not pan out. The owner opted to open another account at the bank he uses for personal banking. Problem solved.

20161018_174045The owner has also found himself unexpectedly without his bills-paying-job. After seven and a half years with the same company, he is hanging in the wind. But he is not letting that keep him down. And neither are the Bookats.

Next week the owner will be pimping out Saturn Returns through a book release takeover and again later in the month.a-fair-exchange-joe-c-winters

On the bright side of things, author Joe C. Winters has released their in a series of shorts in 30 minute reads for queer erotica. A Fair Exchange. The short was released on February 8th through Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents.

“A precocious little girl with a sharp memory and a gender bending vampire with a sharp sense of humor don’t mix, 15 years later, or do they? This short story wets more than your appetite in a game of give and take.”

We’ll keep posted on other upcoming releases from SRPublishing. In the meantime, check us out on Facebook.

Waiting and Anticipating….

100_0622We’re just waiting to learn from a bank if we can set up the account the way we want to. Gotta be able to pay our authors. 🙂 This is the first time the owner has used a strictly online banking system. The wait is annoying. He’s decided to give them until Monday afternoon to contact him. If there is no word then he’ll go a bit old school and call them.

In the meantime… The Bookats are being as patient as they can. Pictured here is Misty Avalon. She can be a rather patient kitty, but sometimes she’ll lose it and light into you. We’ve got the scratches to prove it lately. She and Mistress Freya are still adjusting to the recent addition of Jonathan Renfield Bedlam, an adorable tuxedo cat that joined the library in October.

The Bookats help with the editing process, occasionally adding their two claws worth in the notes. Much better than a dose of cat scratch fever, but even harder to understand. If you’re lucky, maybe one of them will leave a note here for you so you can learn a little more about how Saturn Returns works.

Until then, hasta la bye-bye!


And let it begin…

Hello, everyone!

Saturn Returns Publishing is a small house. We cater to various interests and needs in the indie publishing world. We started as a means to help individuals who needed a small boost to their writing careers.

It all began in August of 2016 when a friend approached our owner about getting some works published. He wanted a house that would publish more than just one genre. He writes poetry, adult fiction (by this we mean erotica), and children’s books. Sure there are other publishers out there that cover all those genres and more, but few that will take submissions in all those from the same author.

Saturn Returns was born.

Our owner is an author as well. He writes several genres. Fiction, non-fiction, adult lit, and spirituality. Quite the combination, eh? It was not difficult for him to decide to get involved in this endeavor.

We invite you to come along for the ride and see what it is that we have offer. Over the course of the month of January you will learn a little bit more about Saturn Returns, what we offer to new authors, how we work, and links to our first titles to come out.

Until then, we bid you adieu.

-Joseph Kastle, owner and operator