Creating and living

The owner has found himself without his bills-paying-job due to a simple mistake and a strict company policy. For the last week he has been floating in a state of limbo. But through the help of many friends and associates he has become even more motivated to make things happen with SRP.

One associate sent him to a website where he can make graphics. He’s become rather obsessed with making ad graphics for various projects. This morning he made a new on for SRP. The Bookats approve, but he wants to know what you think.Saturn Returns Publishing (1)

The owner didn’t have this ready before he did an author takeover last night on Facebook. He did have several other graphics ready to go, including a short video that still needs some work. The video and some of the graphics were well accepted.

He was of course talking about more than SRP in his one hour of the takeover. Check out the video and read what the owner and other authors, editors, etc said during their segments of this fun takeover.

The owner is happy to say that not only did he have a fun time with the takeover, he also has some nibbles for new authors coming to SRP.

Updates from the Library

Our original plan to use a strictly online bank did not pan out. The owner opted to open another account at the bank he uses for personal banking. Problem solved.

20161018_174045The owner has also found himself unexpectedly without his bills-paying-job. After seven and a half years with the same company, he is hanging in the wind. But he is not letting that keep him down. And neither are the Bookats.

Next week the owner will be pimping out Saturn Returns through a book release takeover and again later in the month.a-fair-exchange-joe-c-winters

On the bright side of things, author Joe C. Winters has released their in a seriesĀ of shorts inĀ 30 minute reads for queer erotica. A Fair Exchange. The short was released on February 8th through Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents.

“A precocious little girl with a sharp memory and a gender bending vampire with a sharp sense of humor don’t mix, 15 years later, or do they? This short story wets more than your appetite in a game of give and take.”

We’ll keep posted on other upcoming releases from SRPublishing. In the meantime, check us out on Facebook.