Backfire cover reveal

Backfire1Saturn Returns Publishing is pleased to present the cover reveal for their next title. Backfire is a short story by Philipp J. Kessler. The beginning of a monthly to bi-monthly serial called Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings.

In this first installment Sandra, Elaine, and Malcolm,  are introduced to the reader. Sandra is a hereditary witch whose best friend Elaine has recently gone through a bad breakup with Malcolm. As the story starts out we see Sandra in her ritual room after casting a spell of peace for her friend. A spell that seems to have backfired. Light bulbs blow at random in Elaine’s apartment and mirrors begin to crack all around Sandra.

Will Sandra and Elaine figure out what went wrong with the spell? Did Malcolm do something that might have caused the backfire?

Backfire is the first of a planned 24 stories. Each one will teach a lesson of magic and witchcraft through allegory. Bridging the gap between fiction and teaching, Dark of the Moon will both entertain and educate the reader. Intended for a general audience of paranormal fantasy readers, this series will also draw the interest of the Pagan and Witchcraft communities.

Backfire is scheduled to be released to Amazon Kindle on April 1, 2017 with each volume in the serial following approximately each month for two years. Follow Philipp and Saturn Returns Publishing on Facebook to keep up with the journey of Sandra and her cadre of friends.

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