And let it begin…

Hello, everyone!

Saturn Returns Publishing is a small house. We cater to various interests and needs in the indie publishing world. We started as a means to help individuals who needed a small boost to their writing careers.

It all began in August of 2016 when a friend approached our owner about getting some works published. He wanted a house that would publish more than just one genre. He writes poetry, adult fiction (by this we mean erotica), and children’s books. Sure there are other publishers out there that cover all those genres and more, but few that will take submissions in all those from the same author.

Saturn Returns was born.

Our owner is an author as well. He writes several genres. Fiction, non-fiction, adult lit, and spirituality. Quite the combination, eh? It was not difficult for him to decide to get involved in this endeavor.

We invite you to come along for the ride and see what it is that we have offer. Over the course of the month of January you will learn a little bit more about Saturn Returns, what we offer to new authors, how we work, and links to our first titles to come out.

Until then, we bid you adieu.

-Joseph Kastle, owner and operator

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